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Round Cake Pan

4 Inch/6 Inch/8 Inch/10 Inch Nonstick Aluminium Round Cake Pan/Cake Mold/Baking Pan w/ Removable BottomΒ 

πŸ”Ž Why choose Our Aluminium Cake Pan?

πŸ‘ Made of Hard Anodized Aluminium to ensure uniform heating during baking.
πŸ‘ Removable bottom for easy cake release and clean up.
πŸ‘ Hand wash in warm, soapy water before first and after each use.
πŸ‘ Perfect for baking dense, heavy cakes such as cheesecake or carrot cake, light and airy layer cakes, or even get creative with deep dish pizza, flan and gelatin molded desserts.

πŸ”Ž Dimensions of Aluminium Cake Pan :
- 6-Inch: 15.3cm (Inner Diameter), 17cm (Outer Diameter), 13.8cm (Removable Pan), 7.5cm (Height), 145g (Weight)
- 8-Inch: 20.3cm (Inner Diameter), 21.8cm (Outer Diameter), 19cm (Removable Pan), 7.8cm (Height), 230g (Weight)