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Silicone Oven Gloves

Oven Mitt High Temperature Insulated/Heat Resistant for Kitchen Baking

❤【Heat Resistant Up To 450° F】
All oven mitts are a combination of silicone and cotton for maximum flexibility and maximum heat protection. Whether removing a pan from your oven, picking up a steaming pot from your stove, or tending to a hot grill, you can rest assured that these high-quality, heat-resistant oven mitts will protect your hands and forearms.

❤【Non-Slip Silicone Striping】
Our oven mitt has special silicone striping that provides a gripping material so you no longer have to worry about that bowl of hot food slipping or dropping when taking it out of the microwave.

❤【Easy To Clean And Machine Washable】
Crafted with BPA-free silicone, our silicone gloves are stain-resistant and easily cleanable, with just some warm water & a little soap. They won’t tear, thin, or fray.

Size: 33.5cm*18.5cm*1.5cm
Material: Food Grade Silicone
Internal Material: Polyester Cotton