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Gardening Tools Set

3/4/5/9 Pieces Gardening Tools/Garden Tool Trowel Transplanter Cultivator Weeder Rake Fork Pruner Tote Glove

πŸ”Ž Why choose Our Garden Tools?

πŸ‘ Heavy Duty Material: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, strong durable and not easy to bend and broken.

πŸ‘ Handle Design: The handle is ergonomically designed which can reduce pressure and fatigue to hand and wrist. The practical hanging hole on the top of the handle is convenient for storage when not-use or off-season.

πŸ‘ Professional Tools: Transplant trowel with the length grading marks, you can control the depth intelligently when you are digging. To make sure plants’ roots are not damaged during transplanting.

πŸ‘ Great Choice for Gardening: The garden tools kit is perfect for all your garden needs, such as digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating and transplanting ect.

πŸ‘ High Quality Pruner (Only for 9-Piece Set): The blade of the Pruner is made of manganese steel, which is sharp and has a long service life. Equipped with super strong spring, can be used repeatedly. The switch can be adjusted at will, and it can be opened backward and locked when pushed forward. The handle design is ergonomic, easy to hand and not easy to fall off.

πŸ‘ Gloves & Carrying Tote (Only for 9-Piece Set): Universal cotton gardening gloves protect your hands from scratches and cuts while working. The tote bag is made of oxford cloth, which is very durable. The 9-slot design is suitable for storing all tools, ensuring that you will not lose any tools and are easy to carry.

πŸ”Ž Product Details
3-Piece Set: Trowel, Transplanter, Hand Rake
4-Piece Set: Trowel, Transplanter, Hand Rake, Hand Fork/Cultivator
5-Piece Set: Trowel, Transplanter, Hand Rake, Hand Fork/Cultivator, Weeder
9-Piece Set: Trowel, Transplanter, Hand Rake, Hand Fork/Cultivator, Weeder, Pruner, Spray Bottle, Gardening Work Gloves, Carrying Tote