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8023 Broom and Dustpan Set

Broom and Dustpan Set Upright Stand-Up Brush and Dust Pan Combo Easy Remove Hair with Wisp Scraper Comb Tooth

🔎 Product Features for 8023:
💒UNIQUE DESIGN OF SCRAPING TEETH: The broom with dustpan combo set has a unique scraping teeth design, which makes it stand out from the traditional hand broom and dustpan set. These strong filter teeth can effectively filter out human hair, pet hair and other debris on the broom, so you don’t need to use your hands to remove the tangled hair on the broom.

💒UPRIGHT STORAGE: The new upgraded version of the broom and dustpan set can be placed behind the door or in the corner for vertical storage, Innovative windproof design makes it not easy to fall. You no longer need to worry that the traditional hand broom and dustpan set will trip over you or the elderly or pets. While cleaning it thoroughly, Safety performance straight line UP!

💒WORRY-FREE AUTOMATIC REBOUND FUNCTION: The dustpan with soft rubber strips has a high degree of ground fit, it will not even miss any small garbage, 3 rows of strong bristles with excellent flexibility, and not easy to wear the floor. The broom and dustpan set has the 90-degree foldable rebound design, makes the garbage in the dustpan not easy to fall, avoiding your repeated cleaning work.

💒HUMANIZED EXTENDED HANDLE AND ROTATING BROOM: The upgraded long handle allows you to Stand upright for comfortable sweeping. No need for you to squat or kneel on the floor to clean the bottom of the furniture and avoid back pain. 180° rotatable broom head and 45° brush bevel design, so that you can easily clean the dead corners of various dust accumulations. Such as the corner edges that are difficult to touch with traditional broom dustpan set, the bottom of a sofa.