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Dough Blender

 Dough Blender/Flour Cutter/Pastry Mixer With 4 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades For Pastry/Baking/Cooking/Kitchen

🔎 Why choose Our Dough Blender/Cutter?

👍 Good Grip - The black soft-grip handle of the dough cutter absorbs pressure and won't spin or come loose in your hand. Hold it and note how comfortably your fingers wrap around it.

👍 VERSATILE, MULTI-TASKING TOOL - This blender dough does more than just cut flour and butter. It is quite the handy kitchen gadget. Easily mash potatoes, avocados, or soft-cooked veggies and even break apart ground beef.

👍 LASTING SHARPNESS - The premium quality, stainless steel blades offer blending, cutting and mixing flexibility. The 4 sharp, sturdy blades are precisely spaced apart for the best results. Designed to resist rust and stains with easy maintenance and cleaning.

👍 IMPROVED BAKED GOODS - Enjoy better baked goods, thanks to the ability of this baking tool. Create uniform, well blended ingredients during every preparation process. Upgrade your recipes with this impressive pastry blender.

🔎 Product Details:
- Dimension: 11cm*11cm *4.5cm
- Material: 430 Stainless Steel+PP+TPR
- Weight: 135g