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Outdoor Doormat

 Front Entrance Door Mat/Rug Heavy Duty Waterproof for Office/Home

🔎 Why Choose the recommended Door Mat?

❤ GREAT QUALITY: This door mat is constructed of high-quality reclaimed rubber backing and polypropylene material surface, unique Hot-melt Planting Production Process, which is designed to be durable, strong and flexible.

❤ EFFICIENT DUST REMOVAL: The outdoor door mat features environmentally friendly polypropylene material with patterned groove design that effectively captures and retains dirt, dust and sand of the sole.

❤ EASY TO CLEAN: Simply use a vacuum cleaner, or sweep with a broom, or pat the backing and shake the outdoor mat. For a deeper clean, use a garden hose to rinse the doormat, and fully air dry.

❤ NON-SLIP AND SAFE: The heavy-duty rubber back and edges hold the doormat firmly in place when used to provide cushioning and prevent slipping..

🔎 Specifications:
- Product material: Polypropylene (Sid/Square Language/Memory Check)
- Back material: Rubber
- Product size options: 45cm*75cm, 60cm*90cm