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Haemorrhoid Tailbone Cushion

Chair Cushion Donut Pillow for Coccyx Prostate Sciatica Bed Sores Post-Surgery Pain Relief 

👍 BEST tailbone pain relief cushion - If you spend more than 8 hours a day in a sitting position, this comfortable pillow is just for you. It provides additional support needed to maintain good posture and natural spinal curvature. Ergonomic design helps increase blood flow and prevents the progression of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and numbness. The seat cushion for pressure relief allows you to sit up straight without pain by offloading pressure from the spinal discs

👍 WORKS WITH ANY CHAIR - Our contour donut cushion fits most office chairs. The ring-shaped contoured design allows you to properly distribute the weight avoiding compression. This pillow is comfortable even if you move around a lot. You can also use it in your home office as a donut seat cushion for tailbone pain, on the road as a car seat cushion

👍 QUALITY DESIGN- This thick pad repeats the anatomical contours of your body, supports your lumbar area, and relieves pressure from your back. It helps avoid the occurrence and progression of spine problems and enables a healthier sitting position. Moreover, it can be used to increase the height of any seat. It is ideal for cases of hemorrhoid complications or while recovering after surgery.

👍 VERSATILE USE - Take the pillow in your car, on a plane, or on a train. This cushion will help reduce low back and hemorrhoid pain anywhere you sit. It will become one of your best work-from-home accessories. Great for office use, frequent travels, and pregnancy.