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No-Spill Pet Water Bowl


Pet / Dog / Cat Water Bowl / Dispenser Feeder 

🔎 Why choose Our Pet Water Bowl?

👍 FLOATING WATER BOWL: Designed with an arc floating plate and paw-shaped outlet, the pet drinks water by licking the outlet slightly. This enhanced floating water bowl achieves drinking slowly, little by little, thus keeping the pet's fur and beard dry, also avoiding choking and splashing.

👍 KEEP YOUR PET AWAY FROM DISEASE: Water in the bowl is isolated from the dust in the air, thus keeping the water clean, and healthy. By drinking water slowly, your pets will not choke or cough, and won’t wet their fur, hair, or beard, never worry about the facial diseases caused by infections.

👍 ANTI-SPLASHING: Designed with a quality splashproof edge cover and 4 anti-slip mats in the base, bowls won’t move when used, stable enough, to prevent pets from spilling water out, thus reducing your housework. Suitable for all kinds of onboard use thanks to the stable point.