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Japanese Tempura Deep Fryer Pot with Thermometer

Stainless Steel Deep Frying Pan with Thermometer Oil Drainer for Chicken Fries Fish

🔎 Product Features:

👍【Food Grade Stainless Steel Material】Made of food-grade 201 stainless steel, this deep fryer pan is durable and has good heat insulation performance, heating rapidly and evenly. It compatible with various fire sources, including gas stoves, induction cookers, electric stoves, and other fire sources.

👍【Oil Filtration & Drain Rack】The tempura deep fryer is equipped with a removable oil drip rack lid, it forms an oil filtration & drain system to drain the excess oil of the food back to the pot and reduce grease intake. Furthermore, the lid helps to prevent hot oil from splashing.

👍【Precise Temperature Control】The attached thermometer can measure the oil temperature up to 200℃. Use the thermometer to accurately grasp the oil temperature, and you will fry food to the best taste and brings you more delicious food.

👍【Large Capacity】2.2L/ 3.4L capacity is great for frying tempura, french fries, chicken wings, squid rings, Peanuts, fish, etc. The Japanese-style riveted curved handle is safe and firm to conveniently grip.

👍【Pouring Spout】This stainless steel deep fryer has a pouring spout design, which makes it easier to pour out the cooking oil after frying the food without worrying about the oil drip down during the dumping process.

🔎 What Will You Get?
1 x Deep Frying Pot (Capacity: 2.2 Liters/3.4 Liters)
1 x Deep Fry Thermometer
1 x User Manual

⚠Important Reminders:
1. Keep away from children when the tempura pot is hot to avoid scalding!
2. Do not wash the thermometer with water, please wipe it with a cleaning cloth or a paper towel.
3. The surface of the thermometer is plastic, please take it out when the temperature over 200℃.
4. Do not wash directly with cold water when the pot is hot to avoid deforming or warping.
5. The tempura pan is dishwasher safe, please take the thermometer out before cleaning. Take the lid and drain rack off from the pot for better clean in dishwasher safe.
6. Using excessive oil can cause hot oil and food to splash out of the pot. Oil does not exceed 1/2 of the pot (1.6L) is recommended.