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Stainless Steel Plates

 Metal Plate/Dining Plate/Kids Plate/Charger Plate/Feeding Plate/Serving Plate/Gold Plate

👍 Stainless Steel: Anti corrosion and anti-rust, can keep clean for a long time, suitable for all kinds environment.

👍 Widened Plate Edge Design: Widened original edge, make it easy to clean, safe and easy to handle.

👍 Bottom Flat Design: Make the product not easy to slide, easy to stack layer by layer, so that can save storage space.

👍 Frosted Texture: Make the product beautiful and high-grade, and feel comfortable when you use it.

20cm: Height:1.3CM Diameter:15CM Weight:172G
23cm: Height:1.5CM Diameter:18CM Weight:225G
26cm: Height:1.5CM Diameter:21CM Weight:290G
30cm: Height:1.5CM Diameter:25CM Weight:383G