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Stackable Insulation Food Cover

Transparent/Stackable Insulation Food Cover/Storage for Kitchen/Refrigerator

ğŸ”Ž Product Features:

👍 Space-Saving: This product can be stacked, the buckle connection is stable, and the compartments can be added or reduced at will, which saves space, is convenient for storage and convenient for use.

👍 One to Five Layers Style, large capacity, easy to clean, transparent and visible, you can observe the storage state of food at any time.

👍 Safety Protection: This product can prevent dust and has independent protective measures, which can effectively protect the contaminants in the food and keep the food fresh and safe.

👍 This bowl cover is made of thick material, independent and easy to take. You can also match according to your preferences. The beautifully designed handle makes it easy to carry.

2-Tier: 22.5cm*12.5cm*25cm
4-Tier: 50cm*12.5cm*25cm